Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reason #1 to attend the MySQL UC 2008

MySQL Conference & Expo 2008
Disclaimer: Forget about my affiliation, this is my personal list of things that I am going to enjoy at the UC.

#1 The lost art of the Self Join

When you work in the same field for several years, you risk to become effective but unimaginative. You may be good at coding queries or designing tables, but sometimes you lose track with your origins, when you were a creative programmer, who used to tweak the intricacies of C++ or Perl to create marvelous useless brilliancies.
If you recognize yourself in this picture, and wish you could have a spark of that enthusiastic force that made you learn new languages and idioms, despair not. Beat Vontobel session will be like a fresh wind that will clean your mind of the dull tasks and reconcile you to the beauty of programming.
If you are a programmer, come to the Users Conference and don't miss this one!

Don't forget this: Every speaker can give discount codes! Do you want one? drop me a note by email. Do you know another speaker? ask him/her for the discount code!

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