Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Perl myths dispelled

Tim Bunce, the author of the Perl DBI, the database library that has influenced similar works in most languages, has published a presentation about Perl myths. The essential list of myths goes:
  • Perl is dead. No, it's alive and kicking (look at the numbers)
  • Perl is difficult to read. So are Java and C++, when written by bad programmers.
  • Perl 6 is killing Perl 5. Actually, the opposite is true. While Perl 6 is taking way too long to be implemented, its analysis has advantaged Perl 5, which has grown new features and performance in 5.10.
Highly educational stuff, as it is this other article: Good Perl code is the best form of evangelism.
As for me, Perl is my main tool of the trade, not only with MySQL and other database related work, but for all system tasks. I use it for mostly any scripting task, and on the command line, to replace grep, awk, sed. I also use it instead of shell scripting, whenever the script grows longer than a few lines.

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