Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Additional reasons to attend the MySQL UC2008

I was not totally sincere.
When I said that I had seven reasons to attend the UC2008, I was just using a cute title. In reality, the main reason to attend the Users Conference is because I will meet a bunch of friends, and probably make new ones.
Yes! Let's not forget that the Users Conference, in addition to the conference rooms, has many corridors where you can start casual conversations with most anyone, and learn things as amazing as the ones that are said from the podiums.
And the social events! There is lunch by the pool, with ample tables, where you can be seated between a system architect and a stellar developer, and spend the whole meal talking about the subtleties of threading or the latest trend in distributed storage.

I can't say that I look forward to any tutorial, since my tutorial day will be filled with my own, but I should mention some more sessions that I look forward to. For example,
Since I was in the reviewing committee, I know all the sessions, and 98% of them have been accepted with my enthusiastic approval (2% of the times my opinion was outvoted, but it happens to all of us), so the only problem is that there is too much choice, and every time slot involves tough decisions about what to attend and what to miss.
More reasons:

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