Thursday, March 13, 2008

Looking for a MySQL Proxy guru

MySQL Proxy is the most exciting addition to the range of MySQL products since 5.0. Using Proxy you can convert your database server into an application server, or you can create new command on the fly, fix bugs, filter queries, add load balancing to a set of servers, and a myriad of wonderful things.
The company itself is planning to do more with MySQL Proxy, and we have come to a point where we have more works in our hands that we can manage with the current manpower. So, we are looking for a Proxy enthusiast to become a QA engineer. The job opening is online. Look it up. It's a challenging job, but I can promise you that it's really exciting! (Working with developers like Jan Kneschke, Kay Roepke, Mark Matthews, Eric Herman, and the rest of the Enterprise team is a rewarding experience)

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