Thursday, March 06, 2008

Logs of IRC Meetup session with Ian Murdock

As Kaj announced, there was a IRC session with Ian Murdock on March 5.
Since I have been working in a virtual company for 18 months, I should not be surprised about this kind of events. Actually, IRC has become part of my life. I could not conceive working efficiently without it. When some new colleague asks me to have a simple phone call, without any IRC or other char facilities, I start shaking at the idea of such poor and antiquate way of communicating.
Even for one with experience, though, a public IRC meeting in a crowded #room is quite an experience. The "location" for the meeting is room #mysql on, a room that normally contains 400~500 people, where the level of noise is quite high.
Melbourne, Feb 2008
Having a public interview in such room is like crashing a party of bikers and start talking philosophy. The beauty of the system is that nobody seem to care. The bikers continue talking about their stuff, and our interview on philosophy went quite smoothly, albeit intermingled with requests of help (promptly answered by a bunch of MySQL geeks) and some trollish shouting that added color to the picture.
For the curious ones, here is the full session logs.

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