Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to write a good application for Summer of Code

Do you want to apply for a MySQL project under Google Summer of Code?
Please read these instructions carefully, then.
State the project you want to tackle in the application title.
Using a title like John Doe's info or application for MySQL are unlikely to attract the mentors attention or to make a good first impression.
State your view of the project
Simply repeating what is in the ideas page won't get you any marks. Say what you would like to do in your own words.
Explain why we should choose you
And be persuasive! The best way to persuade us is by showing a clear analysis of the project. A list of famous names that have praised your work will not impress us.
Don't over-represent yourself
If you claim technical expertise that you don't possess just to get the application, you will do wrong to all the parties involved. We will eventually find out. If we find out soon, you simply won't get accepted. If we find out later, we will have to fail you.
Be bold!
Dare suggest something unusual and beautiful. We are listening. Provided that you are able to deliver what you dream, we'll be happy!
Be brief!
Our mentors are volunteering their time for these projects. If you submit a 10 pages application, chances are that it won't be appreciated. Make it simple, but not too simple (Einstein)

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