Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tungsten Replicator and MySQL Sandbox at Percona Live London 2011

Percona Live MySQL Conference, London, Oct 24th and 25th, 2011 I will be a speaker at Percona Live - London 2011, and I am looking forward to the event, which is packed with great content. A whopping 40 session of MySQL content, plus 3 keynotes and 14 tutorials. It's enough to keep every MySQL enthusiast busy. Continuent speakers will be particularly busy, as between me and Robert Hodges, we will be on stage four times on Tuesday, October 25th. This event feels good from the beginning. There are plenty of participants, many names from all over the MySQL community, covering large and small companies, experienced speakers, well known names in the MySQL engineering arena, and a wealth of topics that will make me feel sorry for not being able to attend them all. It's the usual dilemma that attendees have at this kind of conferences. Not so much at Oracle Open World 2011, where there weren't that many MySQL sessions to choose from, although it was great for networking.

Our talks

Robert will open the dances with Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Tungsten Enterprise Clusters for MySQL, a talk about Tungsten Enterprise, my company's commercial product, which is a professional managing tool for demanding companies. Robert, again in the afternoon, with one of the most amazing features of our open source product, Tungsten Replicator: MySQL Parallel Replication in 5 Minutes or Less. This is a feature for large replication systems where the slave can't cope with large data streams, due to the singled-thread MySQL slave. This talk will show how easy is it to plug Tungsten Replicator to a lagging slave, start parallel replication until the lag has been zeroed, and then hand over the control to the native replication again. Then it will be my turn, with a general presentation about Tungsten Replicator, the open source product. I like the idea of calling it MySQL Replication outside the box : multiple masters, fan-in, parallel apply. The reasoning is that MySQL replication, although wildly successful in the web economy of the last decade, it is also constrained by several limits, which Tungsten, acting outside the boundaries, sets free. This will be a quick intro to Tungsten and its new user-friendly installation, with a few demos. Finally, a classic presentation with some new content, on MySQL Sandbox: a framework for productive laziness. The news is that MySQL Sandbox now supports Percona and MariaDB builds. Again, some demos will be shown, with old and new features mixed together.