Monday, March 17, 2008

Updated Community Development Program and a new blogger

Welcome to Patrik Backman (with his Nordic Brainstorm [*] ) among the bloggers! Patrik is Director of Software Engineering at MySQL, and very attentive to community matters.
In his first blog entry, Patrik presents the updated Community Development Program, created by Georg Richter, the Development Manager of Connectors and Client Connectivity, well known for his active role in the community.

The new program wants to strengthen the relationship between the external community and the developers inside the company. Contributors will choose among a list of features to implement and bugs to fix, and assigned to a developer who will act as mentor.
This way, the contributor can work closely with someone who can guide the coding in the right direction, saving time to both the coder and the reviewer.
If you have a knack for coding, give it a try!

[*]The name was suggested while brainstorming on IRC. Among the other choices was "the loud thought", which you will appreciate if you know Patrik. :)

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Entry 23 Eco of Kristofer said...

I think we are too focus on MySQL interests. Community members don't have our commercial interest in _MySQL_ success. They love to be successful themselves. Ergo, we should seek out innovators trying to use MySQL for their own needs and help them succeed. This attitude will lead to a win-win situation.