Monday, March 10, 2008

Reason #6 to attend the MySQL UC 2008

MySQL Conference & Expo 2008
Disclaimer: Forget about my affiliation, this is my personal list of things that I am going to enjoy at the UC.

#6 Optimizing MySQL and InnoDB on Solaris 10 for World's Largest Photo Blogging Community

Farhan Mashraqi knows his job. He must be good at it, because he has on his hands a very busy and heavily loaded server. Fotolog is one of those servers that can take away all your resources very quickly if you don't pay attention. If you want to stay online, you have to make sure that the server is always healthy and efficient.
The above is theory. Farhan tells you the practice behind this simple rule. He will show how to manage such a monster application and still ride the waves.
Don't miss it!

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