Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reason # 2 to attend the MySQL UC2008

MySQL Conference & Expo 2008
Disclaimer: Forget about my affiliation, this is my personal list of things that I am going to enjoy at the UC.

#2 Astronomy, Petabytes, and MySQL

Petabytes! Have you heard that before? Perhaps you have, during some theoretical IT class. But have you used anything that could be remotely close to petabytes?
A petabyte is one thousand Terabyte, or one million Gigabyte.
If you struggle with databases with a few dozen Gigabytes, and you have headaches when you think that you have to deal with Terabytes of data, you can't possibly imagine how to store petabytes of data, and retrieving it!
This session is a challenge. At Stanford they are not morons, and if they are planning to use MySQL to store petabytes of data, there must be a good technical story behind it, which needs to be told. And you must not possibly miss it!

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