Friday, March 07, 2008

Virtual attendance to Meetup-mashup in Boston - March 10

I love this company!
MySQL is still a virtual company. The Sun acquisition hasn't change this very peculiar fact. Yesterday and the day before we have held IRC meetings between the MySQL community and some Sun open source big shots.
virtual sea
On Monday evening in Boston, there will be a more traditional user group meeting in Boston, host by Sheeri K. Cabral. Actually, not very much traditional. I mean, the real people will physically attend the meetup, but the whole meetup will be recorded, and you can participate via IRC. And, even better, I will make a guest appearance via video-conference.
So, please meet me in Boston on March 10, at 7 PM EST, on a cold evening, while I will talk from Sardinia, 6,400 Km (4,000 miles) apart. Thanks Sheeri for organizing this event!

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