Friday, January 27, 2012

More Oracle ACEs for MySQL

Oracle ACEs for MySQL

As Keith announced today, there are two more Oracle ACE Directors for MySQL expertise. In case you are wondering how an ACE Director compares to a regular ACE, here is an overview and some FAQ.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MySQL and Friends schedule at FOSDEM 2012

FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting The MySQL DevRoom at FOSDEM is ready. The schedule has been voted. Thanks to all who have participated. Now, let's make sure that the event is successful. The schedule is juicy, and not only because I have three talks in it!
Sunday 2012-02-05
Event Speaker Room When
All you need to know about migrations and you never dared to ask Ralf Gebhardt H.1309 09:05-09:30
Sphinx User stories Stéphane Varoqui H.1309 09:35-10:00
MySQL HA reloaded - old tricks and cool new tools to guarantee high availability to your MySQL Servers Ivan Zoratti H.1309 10:00-10:25
MariaDB 5.3's query optimizer: taking the dolphin to where he's never been before Sergey Petrunya H.1309 10:30-10:55
How to offload MySQL server with Sphinx Vladimir Fedorkov H.1309 11:00-11:25
** Build simple and complex replication clusters with Tungsten Replicator Giuseppe Maxia H.1309 11:30-11:55
Cluster internals Ralf Gebhardt H.1309 12:00-12:25
Optimising SQL applications by using client side tools Mark Riddoch H.1309 12:30-12:55
** MySQL Replication 101 Giuseppe Maxia H.1309 13:00-13:25
Choosing Hardware for MySQL Kenny Gryp H.1309 13:30-13:55
Replication features of 2011: what they were, how to get and how to use them Sergey Petrunya H.1309 14:00-14:25
** MySQL creatively in a sandbox Giuseppe Maxia H.1309 14:30-14:55
Case Study: La Poste - Real Time, High Volume Data Warehousing Using MySQL & InfiniDB Stéphane Varoqui H.1309 15:00-15:25
Sphinx performance top secret Vladimir Fedorkov H.1309 15:30-15:55
Managing MySQL with Percona Toolkit Frédéric Descamps H.1309 16:00-16:25
Data Warehousing with MySQL Ivan Zoratti H.1309 16:30-16:55

UPDATE The schedule has changed. Speakers with more than one talk have been asked to give up one. Now I have two talks instead of three.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Time to vote for MySQL sessions at FOSDEM

Fosdem 2012 info There is a room dedicated to MySQL at FOSDEM 2012. (Thanks to @lefred for organizing). The CfP has received 37 submissions, but there will be time slots only for 12 to 15 talks. So now it's up to the community. If you want to attend a particular talk, you should vote for it. Like in previous years, the selection of the talks is public. You can see the list of the proposals, with the instructions, which I repeat here. You can vote either publicly, using Twitter, or privately, by sending an email. Each talk proposal will be referred by the number immediately after the title in this page. This number indicates the order in which the proposals were received. In public, you should send a tweet to @opensqlcamp, indicating a maximum of 12 talks that you would like to see, in the order you like them. e.g. "@opensqlcamp #FOSDEM2012 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12" (adding the link will help others to find the page. In private, by email at mysqlfriends AT gmail DOT com, using the same method used for Twitter. Maximum 12 talks, in the order of your preference. In both cases, votes for your preferences will result in 1 point for each talk. In case of equal voting, we will assign 12 points to the first in the list, 11 to the second, and so on. We'll do the tally, and choose the most popular ones. Anonymous votes either by Twitter or email won't be counted. If you want your vote to count, make sure your twitter account has a recognized name (or known nick) on it. If your email address doesn't spell your name, please sign the message with your real one. DEADLINE: Your votes must be entered by January 8th, 2011.