Monday, April 07, 2008

Mac OSX - the thrill of graphics

As a hard liner Linux user, I don't care much fro graphics in things like system administration. After switching to a Mac laptop, I basically continued doing the same things in the same ways, just enjoying some benefits of the Mac in terms of multimedia and networking flexibility. Thus, although I was aware of the broken MySQL installer that left the database server unusable, I didn't care much because I found a workaround one minute after being confronted with the unresponsive panel.

The last icon on the bottom right is the MySQL starter.

When launched, it shows a "start mysql" button that the user gladly clicks. With the standard installation package, nothing happens. But, as already noted by Colin, there is a fix that solves the problem.

And now, Mac OS X users can enjoy the MySQL server start and stop in full graphics.

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Unknown said...

You can also add a launchd item so the server will start when needed. There is a ton of google resource on that :)