Monday, April 07, 2008

Extra fun at MySQL Users Conference 2008

MySQL Conference & Expo 2008

With the Sun acquisition, MySQL becomes part of a bigger company. Some beneficial effects will be felt at the MySQL Users Conference. There will be a passport giveaway program, which is basically a prize drawing with minimal effort from attendees.

MySQL Conference & Expo attendees will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for cool prizes by having an expo hall passport brochure stamped at each participating sponsor and exhibitor booth.
Once attendees have obtained all "stamps" they will be entered into the drawing and eligible to win one of several prizes.

And the prizes will be really juicy.
  • Grand Prize Free enrollment in the O'Reilly School of Technology's ENTIRE four- course PHP/MySQL Certificate series plus 1 year free lab. (Value over $1,700)
  • First Prize Sun 24.1-inch LCD Flat Panel Monitor (Value $795)
  • Second Prize $500 in O'Reilly books
  • Third Prize Make Magazine Special Prize Pack (Value $130)

Information leaked about giveaways at a Sun party, where a Play Station 3 and a Sun Server will be given to the happy audience. How? I honestly don't know, but if you register to the conference, you will soon find out.

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