Monday, April 14, 2008

Community dinner with Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green

The pre-conference Community Dinner was organized at a conflicting time when the MySQL Community Team was participating to the traditional party at Marten's residence. That was unfortunate, but it did not stop us from participating.
Although the party at Marten's was going awesomely, the Community Team, plus some willing volunteers, went on to crash Arjen's party, with a bag of gifts and a few important guests. The intended PCC (Party Crash Commando) included Kaj, Giuseppe, Colin, and Lenz. Then, Brian Aker, Mark Atwood, and Eric Herman announced that they were attending as well, and while we were on our way, Monty Widenius joined the crashing team.

That would have been enough to make a sensation, but Kaj mentioned the covert operation to Rich Green, who proposed to include Jonathan Schwartz in the operation.
That worked pretty well. The Sun executives arrived at the restaurant together with the attendees, and soon were joined by the Community Team with the exceptional driver Barton George. Two more MySQLers (Jay and Timour) were at the restaurant, making a total of about 50 attendees.
The event went smoothly, with friendly discussions and difficult questions being thrown from all directions.
It was really a memorable evening. Thanks to everyone for participating and for making this event the greatest fun of the week!
BTW, does the list of the attendees look suspicious to you? Who are these guys?
  • Don Tajmanov
  • Philip Keres
  • Kostantin Bronstein
  • Ksawery Tartakower
Those were simply the names under which the Community Team registered for the dinner. :)
See also Colin's and Kaj's reports.

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