Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pewter for Tungsten - Thanks, MySQL community!

community awards 2011 After the opening keynote at the MySQL Conference, there was the usual ceremony of the MySQL community awards. Since Oracle declined to continue in the MySQL AB tradition of awarding the contributions from the community, the community itself has taken over.
I was pleasantly surprised to find my name among the recipients, and even more about the prize awarded to my company's product, the Tungsten Replicator.
The surprise comes because we have been making noise about this product for only a few months, after we finalized our plans to split the company products between open source and enterprise. Apparently, it has been the right kind of noise, and the community has been able to see that Tungsten is a tangible contribution to the MySQL ecosystem.
Now that the MySQL Conference's frenzy is over, we can continue making Tungsten even better than it is today. As probably everyone knows, we have found a generous sponsor (which should remain unnamed for now, but to whom we are very grateful) that is paying for implementing and strengthening the features that will make Tungsten 2.0 production ready in the near future.
If users want to contribute with their feedback, they can download the binaries (and the full source code) from the new Tungsten home, and report issues in the same site. See Settling in at for more information.
More technical info will follow soon.
For now, I just wanted to say Thank you, MySQL community!

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