Monday, April 04, 2011

Make your voice heard. Tell Oracle and the MySQL Council what bugs you

The MySQL Council has not being idle. We have addressed the bugs database concerns, and we are continuing our dialog.
To do a better job, we would like to hear more from the community. Unlike other established user groups, MySQL does not have a world wide organization for its users. The council exists on a voluntary basis, and we are seeking support from the rest of you. Please let your voice heard. There are three main channels for this:
  • A MySQL Council survey
  • A set of questions that will be answered during the keynote at the MySQL Conference
  • Talk to a council member


The MySQL Council survey is an attempt to collect, understand, and eventually prioritize what the MySQL community feels, and act on their suggestions. It is a very short survey. We don't want your opinion on everything from barbecue sauce recipes to brain surgery. We need only a few lines about what bothers you the most with MySQL and how we can help. And of course, if you wamt to help, we really want to hear about that.

Questions for the keynote

Let's ask Oracle directly. What are the biggest issues that you have? You can submit your questions for the keynote, and Tomas Ulin will answer them on stage at the MySQL conference
Here is your shot at practicing people power: think of the most pressing questions that you would see Tomas Ulin addressing, and submit them as soon as possible.

Talk to a council member

Council members are all well known people in the community. Most of us will be at the MySQL Conference or at Collaborate 11, or both.
If you want to ask me questions about the council, or MySQL, or community matters, I will do my best to answer them, or to seek an answer if I don't know it myself.

I will be at the San Francisco MySQL User Group on April 7th.
Then I will be at the MySQL conference Monday and Tuesday. Oh, and there is the Community Dinner West on Monday evening!
On Wednesday, I will be at Collaborate 11.
The other council members will be around as well. If you don't feel like filling the survey and prefer person-to-person communication, come see us, and let's talk!


Mark Callaghan said...

What was the outcome from addressing the bugs database issue? AFAIK, Oracle has yet to make any public comment on this.

Giuseppe Maxia said...

We are still discussing the matter.
This is actually one question that should be addressed during the keynote.

Anonymous said...


the clock in the survey shows 12:09 instead of 11:55. Any intention behind?