Friday, December 04, 2009

MySQL schema maintenance


At CodeBits I had my first session about MySQL schema maintenance. I covered the basic command line possibilities before coming to the recommended tool, MySQL Workbench.
The slides are available at slideshare.

Interesting questions: ([updated] with answers from the development team
  • [Q] Are there plans to administer MySQL Cluster with Workbench?
    [A] Not that we know of.

  • [Q] Can Workbench deal with user permission maintenance across servers? (especially in cases where development and production users can't have the same privileges)
    [A] YES. It's in the roadmap

  • [Q] Can MySQL Workbench help editing stored routines? Apparently, you can't change the routine code with ALTER PROCEDURE/FUNCTION, but you need to drop it, recreate it, and eventually change privileges.
    [A] Not that we know of, although something can be done with Proxy to ease this problem.

  • [Q] Is the code for the plugin documented for contributors?
    [A] Not yet, but it's going to be soon.

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