Sunday, December 20, 2009

MySQL Conference 2010 - The call for participation is open

MySQL Conference 2010

The MySQL Conference 2010, with Sun Microsystems as founding sponsor, has opened its Call for participation.
There is already an impressive lineup of tutorials, and I don't say that only because I am on that list. You will find the usual suspects (Replication, Cluster, Certification) and several new ones: Partitioning (covering 5.5), Drizzle replication plugins and core development, Dual master setup, Scaling Applications, Diagnosing and fixing performance, Inspecting variables, command line magic.
The names next to the above topics are all well known: Sheeri K. Cabral, Brian Aker, Jay Pipes, Toru Maesaka, Baron Schwartz, Andrew Hutchings, Andrew Morgan , Geert Vanderkelen, Arjen Lenz, Morgan Tocker, Kai Voigt, Alan Kasindorf, Padraig O'Sullivan, Mats Kindahl, Lars Thalmann, and yours truly.
If you want to join the ranks of these already confirmed folks, it's now time to gather all your skills and make a proposal for a talk.
The Call for Participation opens today, and it's open till the end of January. Not much time, but not a bad deal either. You have certainly enough time to pull an excellent proposal. If you don't remember the rules, you can read again what I wrote about the past conference. The review committee is different, but the current one cares about quality as much as the previous ones.
And consider how much better is it this year for innovative speakers: due to the delay in the conference announcement (on the reasons of which I am not going to speculate), you are in a unique position, since you can propose talks based on technology that has been released in the past two months. There is a whole lot of talks to be created around MySQL 5.5 and other fresh releases.
Don't be lazy. Start writing your proposal now, and you may be in the conference schedule by February!

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