Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sponsoring OpenSQLCamp

OpenSQL Camp 2009 in Portland, OR

The next OpenSQLCamp will be held in Portland, Oregon, USA. It is being organized by Eric Day, well known to the open source community for his active and productive participation to several projects (especially Drizzle and Gearman).

The event is public and free. Therefore, it needs public sponsoring. I don't know yet if I can attend, but I have already donated something to the organizers, and I am officially a sponsor. You can be one too. Simply go to the sponsors page and donate a minimum of $100 as in individual or $250 as an organization.
And of course, if you plan to participate, register yourselfand eventually propose a session.
OpenSQLCamp is a fun, equal level event. If you have something to say, write a proposal, and the other participants will tell you if they want to hear it or not. Either way, you will learn something.

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