Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Open Source Events Calendar

Open Source Events Calendar

Kudos to Lenz, who, acting on an idea launched by Ronald Bradford some time ago, has put together a comprehensive calendar of open source events. Most of them are somehow related to the MySQL ecosystem, but there is no limitation to what the calendar contains.
Here is the announcement, with the instructions to use and contribute to the calendar.
In addition to informing you about the events, this calendar does also tell you when a deadline is approaching. Using this tool, you won't miss a call for participation anymore.
You can simply subscribe to the iCal feed (it's a Google calendar) or see it online.
And of course, we want to improve the calendar. Feel free to submit new events using the event submission form.

We're looking into ways of improving the service. It would be nice to have a widget to show on your blog. Using Google APIs, it's easy to create such a widget, but the events are shown in insertion order, rather than chronological order. If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please contact me or Lenz.

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Adam said...

An idea whose time has come. Quite a few people are doing this now - has done a sweet job, and there's, which is kinda new, too.