Friday, June 20, 2008

MySQL Sandbox - planning for 2.0

Taking advantage of Launchpad environment, I started paving the way for version 2.0 of MySQL Sandbox.
I opened a new branch for version 2.0, which currently holds 1.99.1, and I listed the necessary tasks using the built-in blueprints feature.
MySQL Sandbox
So now I have a list of tasks to keep track of the development.
  • implement test suite (have a good prototype - I am getting to it)
  • replace sleep with check loop (thinking - some analysis required)
  • create function library (good progress)
  • script to kill unresponsive servers (good progress)
  • remote sandbox installer (thinking - hard to implement without being intrusive)
  • allow url for tarball (thinking - needs external components)
  • define circular replication (thinking - easily doable)
  • refactoring for internationalization (thinking - easily doable - long task)
The above features should all go to version 2, although the list is still open. No feature freeze has been called. It's still alpha.
I am unsure about the remote installer. I have implemented such a feature a few years ago, and it turned out to be quite intrusive (the choice was between being intrusive and fragile). I may consider making it a plugin or moving it to a later version. Still thinking.

The development model is open. If you use the Sandbox and want to submit a patch or have comments on its development plans, please contribute!

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gtowey said...

The current sandbox is a great utility -- glad to see you're continuing development!