Monday, June 16, 2008

stupid things you can do to kill your business

In the global information age, you must get things right if you want to survive.

Mindless (mis)information.

My ISP, which has a near monopolistic position in my country, has a support phone line. I called it yesterday, because my DSL was down. The usual routine goes: dial #1 for phone, #2 for data problems. I dial #2, and I get a recorded voice "all operators are busy. You can get support at our web site,". I just called you because I can't connect, you dumb!

Dumbest e-commerce ever

There is a huge movie theater nearby, which is convenient, but the queue at the ticket counter is uninspiring, especially during week-ends. So I check their online ticket sales. Can you believe this? They charge you an additional EUR 0.5 for online tickets. In my book, online services must be cheaper than manned ones, and this is why the airline and the books industries are moving their business online. Charging more for online tickets means that you did not understand the game, and probably you were cheated by the company you chose for this service. The latter is probably true, because, when I continued the booking procedure, I was asked to fill in my credit card details before being told how much I was charged. No way. I booked at the competitor movie theater, which is a few miles farther, but their e-commerce works as expected.


Unknown said...

Yeah, I hear you about the movie tickets thing. In Columbus, it's an extra dollar per ticket. The reason: the theatre outsources the online service and pays extra for it...

Sheeri K. Cabral said...

What jaypipes said; also, some places charge you for convenience, even if it conveniences them, too. It's a way to maximize profits -- you pay extra for the ticket, because you don't want to wait in line.

I actually like to buy tickets online because it guarantees it won't be sold out when I do go to the theater. I don't have to go to the movie theater ahead of time to buy a ticket. Therefore, they charge a convenience fee.