Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vim and MySQL, anyone?

On the Dev Zone there is a quick poll about your favorite IDE. The results from day one show a surprising preference for a lightweight editor, which happens to be my favorite as well.

Perhaps it's just a chance of the initial poll. We'll see in the next days.
However, it may be a good association of lightweight products. MySQL is a small, ubiquitous database server, compared to other more heavy products that need to be distributed in DVD, and the Vi family (with my favorite vim) is also small and ubiquitous.
What I loved a lot while working as a consultant is the ability of using syntax highlighting even in the most basic environments (i.e. a ssh connection on a terminal emulator) and the availability of vim in every operating system.

What's your take? Cast a vote for your favorite development environment.

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Mark said...

Funny MySQL Query Browser isn't even listed. I have found the MySQL Query Browser to be a nice development environment. I still use vim about half of the time, and almost exclusively on remote servers that don't let me tunnel ports etc. Query Browser is a nice alternative though when I have full access to MySQL port.