Thursday, February 14, 2008

Freedom to work anywhere, really!

Singapore. Last stop of my world tour. Shortly after my arrival, the new Lunar Year began. The year of the rat was happily celebrated, and its symbols can be seen everywhere in town.

In Singapore, the Freedom To Work Anywhere @ MySQL has a new meaning. Most of the town is connected via a free wireless net. While sitting on a public bench (in cool evenings) or while enjoying food and drinks at hawker centers and cafes, you can just fire up your laptop, connect to the free wireless, and start browsing. You will need to get a (free) username and password through your mobile, but you can live with it easily.
I am on vacation, so I am not "working from anywhere", but the ubiquity of the wireless connection was hard to resist!
By the way, in case you were wondering if the Sun acquisition has changed anything substantial regarding new jobs, it hasn't. MySQL is hiring! Yes. Still. And with a plan of hiring more. So, if you were thinking of sending your CV, you can do it!

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