Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MySQL Sandbox 1.21 - matrioska and launchpad

MySQL Sandbox has moved to a new home. It is now hosted at Launchpad, a friendly environment where developers can work together.

What's new with MySQL Sandbox? The matrioskas in the image are a clue. Version 1.21 introduces the concept of SANDBOX_HOME, which previously was only a path under which store the sandboxes. With time, when I was using more and more sandboxes, I realized that I wanted to take control of all the sandboxes at once, and issue global commands to all of them.
Starting with this version, the sandbox installer recognizes an environmental variable named $SANDBOX_HOME, and builds the sandboxes under that path.
In addition to grouping all the sandboxes in a place, the installer creates a few scripts that allow you to take control of all the active sandboxes.
Let's say that you have a single sandbox of MySQL 5.0.62, a replication system of 7 5.1.24 servers, and a multiple installation of 5 6.0.5 servers.
Prior to this version, if you wanted to stop each sandbox, you should have to enter each sandbox directory and run "./stop" or "./stop_all". With the sandbox outer container, you just have to run "./stop_all" from one place.
You can also execute the same command in each server in all your sandboxes, by means of the "./use_all" script.
If you want to learn more, on Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 15:00 CEST, I will host a MySQL University session on this very subject.

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