Monday, August 08, 2016

Lightning talks at Percona Live Amsterdam: come on stage!

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The schedule to Percona Live Europe 2016 is being finalized. It should be published soon, and it will include 3 hour and 6 hour tutorials, regular 50-minute talks, and shorter 25-minutes talks. It will not include, however, the lightning talks, a session comprising several 5-minute talks, and they are missing from the initial schedule for two reasons:

  • We want to offer a chance to all attendees to propose a lightning talk for some time. We would like to have more quality material to choose from.
  • They will not be in the conference venue. Instead, they will be hosted at Booking, during the community dinner.

Unlike in previous editions, though, the lightning talks will be kept separated from the party. We want the talks to be enjoyable for both the speakers and the attendees, free from distracting noise. Booking will offer its auditorium for this purpose, and this means a chance to speak in a very prestigious place.

Accepted lightning talks speakers will receive a 50 EUR discount on the conference registration. Additionally, LT speakers will enjoy an further benefit, as they will receive a free ticket for the community dinner hosted at Booking headquarters.

You have still some time left. I will accept proposals until the and of August. Don't wait! Submit a proposal for a lightning talk and claim your spot in the limelight (and a free dinner!)

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