Thursday, April 25, 2013

A great day! MySQL Sandbox and Continuent get a MySQL Community Award

It was a busy day at Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2013. After the regular sessions, there were the traditional MySQL Community Awards, and two entities close to me were among the winners.

  • My company, Continuent won the award as Corporate Contributor of the year;
  • My pet project of the last 7 years, MySQL Sandbox, won the award as Application of the year 2013.

Thanks to the MySQL community for these awards. They give me (and my colleagues) a goos feeling of appreciation.

The day was even more successful for four major occurrences that contributed to my wellness:

  • Robert Hodges Keynote, about how MySQL can thrive in a world of big data, set the pace for the day. I loved the talk, and so did most of the audience. The comments, both live and in social media, were enthusiastic.
  • My Talk about scripting for DBAs went very well, with a large audience. My demos worked without a hitch, and I ended the talk on the dot.
  • Julian Cash took several pictures of me. I don't have any with me yet, but I saw a preview on the conference big screen, and they must be really good. Looking forward to getting the final product.
  • The lightning talks at the end of the awards were entertaining and rewarding.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this good day, from my colleagues who worked hard to deserve the award, to the organisers of the PerconaLive conference, and of course to all the conference attendees!


LenZ said...

Congratulations, Giuseppe - well deserved!

Justin Swanhart said...
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