Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MySQL Sandbox as a riddle

Puzzle head

Shlomi Noach is the next chairman of the Percona Live 2013. As such, he has opened the preview of the conference by posting some talks of interests, which includes a riddle to win a free pass.

The riddle went unanswered, and Shlomi submitted it also to members of the review committee, getting only blank stares, including mine.

Who will open your present,
Make you play pleasant,
Tidy your mess,
Do the same for all else?

Wanting to give away the pass at all costs, Shlomi then published a new post, including subtle and less subtle hints.

Looking at the hints, it became clear that the object of the riddle, which I could not recognize, was my own MySQL Sandbox. Shame on me for not recognizing it? I don't know. I would never have guessed that a tarball is "your present". Perhaps I have too much a practical mind!

Anyway, thanks Shlomi for this bit of entertainment!


Anonymous said...

I guess it was a difficult riddle; one that given the answer you can see the connection, but which is hard to resolve at first encounter.

But this really means I won't be asking my next riddle, which is a variant on the Riddle of the Sphinx, and which I believe to be more difficult...

Ike Walker said...

Shlomi, I know you haven't posted your second riddle yet, but given that hint my guess is "Sphinx Search" ;)

Anonymous said...

Ike, no, actually.
In fact I didn't even think about the association :D