Saturday, March 31, 2012

21st century presentation technology at Percona Live

After 15 years of slide show technology, I thought that we need to change the way we do presentations. And since I am advocating radical changes, I will eat my own dog food and be the first to present a MySQL session using 3D technology.

Since watching Avatar a few years ago, I thought that using this technology would make my presentations truly amazing. However, two years ago a 3d projector was prohibitively expensive. Now, instead, it is affordable, and fits in my briefcase!

What I needed, though, was a compelling reason for using 3d vs. traditional presentations. And I found it. As I have mentioned recently, I am working with the coolest replication technology on earth. Explaining this technology is often challenging. While regular replication is easy to represent in slides, star and fan-in topologies are hard to grasp for the average attendees. But with the help of 3d technology, the concept looks easy and reachable.

For this reason, I have convinced my company to invest a few thousand dollars in this technology and I am now ready to replace the regular projector in ballroom "C" with the new machine. Sure I will need to drill a few holes in the floor (BTW, thanks to the San Francisco MySQL User Group for lending me the tools), but the result will be fantastic!

I don't want to spoil the surprise, so no more details will be available until you see the result on Tutorial Day.

Now, let's talk about the logistics. In order to follow a 3d presentation, you need special glasses. Since this is a talk about open source stuff, it seems just right that I tell you How to Make Your Own 3D Glasses, so you won't have to buy them. If you are in a hurry, you can get the quick model (Make Your Own 3D Glasses in 10 Seconds).

For those of you who want the enterprise edition, you can buy very fancy 3D glasses at a friendly price (just $14), following the QR link below.

3d glasses


Baron said...

You always do something new and innovative every single year.

Win Articles said...

Technology progress drastically from year to year and we'll see in the future were it will get.

hingo said...

It's not fair to date such articles March 31st, now I don't know what to think and I have to watch your talk just to make sure...

A couple of years ago I've been staying at the nearby Avatar hotel. It is a truly amazing experience, all the rooms are 3-dimensional!

See you there!

Giuseppe Maxia said...

Since I want you to attend my talks, I am not going to reveal in which time zone I was when I wrote this.
Please bring a screw driver!