Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick recipes for database cluster building

One lesson learned in more than two decades working in this industry is that most of the IT professionals are impatient, want to achieve results immediately, and, most importantly, they don't read documentation. Much as the average geek is happy to answer many requests with a dismissive RTFM, the same geeks are not as diligent when it comes to learning about new or updated technologies. For this reason, there is a kind of documentation that is very much appreciated by busy and impatient professionals: cookbooks. And I am not talking about food. Geeks are not known for being cooks (1) and they like fast food. I am talking about collection of technical recipes, short articles where a problem is briefly stated, and a direct solution is shown. Working with Tungsten Replicator, I am constantly amazed at all the things you can do with it, and at the same time, I am amazed at how so few people read the documentation. Since I want more users to be aware of the goodies, and being aware of the geeks' aversion to regular docs, I have started putting together a Tungsten Replicator Cookbook, where users can quickly find the recipe to build their cluster of choice. The problem is stated in one short paragraph, and the solution is outlined with code in the shortest possible way. Can't get any lazier than this! Or maybe you can, but I haven't reached that level yet. I hope I have found a good balance. Some of the recipes that the cookbook offers are:
  • Install a master / slave cluster
  • Install a master slave directory with customized parameters
  • Install more than one Tungsten Replicator in one host
  • Install a direct slave with parallel replication
  • Taking over replication from a MySQL slave in direct mode
  • Install bi-directional replication
  • Install bi-directional replication with additional slave
  • Install a three masters replication
  • Install a four masters replication
  • Modify one or more properties with the installer
  • Add one slave to an existing master
In addition to the cookbook, we have inaugurated a sample of another popular literary genre, namely Troubleshooting recipes. When things go wrong (and they usually do when you are dealing with something new, you want a quick answer to your problem. These troubleshooting items are aimed at making such quick answer readily available. Both projects are moving targets. We will adjust as the project grows. Contributions and comments are welcome. If you have suggestions on how to improve these documents, you can use the mailing list. (1) With some notable exception, I must say. I have a reputation as a good cook. But then, I represent a minority in so many ways.

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George said...

THANK YOU very much! I want to play with Tungsten replicator as well and these cook book recipes seem to be just what I need :)