Monday, June 20, 2011

Introducing the Tungsten-toolbox

tungsten toolbox white After the public home for Tungsten Replicator, we needed another place where to host complementary tools. We discussed the pros and cons of hosting these tools in the same place where we publish Tungsten, but in the end we decided that it's more practical to have a separate project, where we can publish tools related to database replication, no matter if they are dedicated to Tungsten or if they can work with other replication systems. So, here it is. We have now Tungsten Toolbox, a site where we will collect our tools and accept contributions from others.
We have already a few tools that, after being cleaned up, will find their way to this repository. The one that was more or less ready for prime time is the Tungsten Sandbox, a tool that installs more than one Tungsten instance with a backend database in the same host. It is, as you can imagine, based on the MySQL Sandbox and it works reasonably well. All the tools in this toolbox are released under the New BSD License. What can you expect to see in the near future? We have a few ideas already:
  • A binary log analyzer
  • A tool that changes properties on-the-fly
  • A JSON API for Tungsten
  • Sandboxes and deployers for complex topologies (multiple masters, fan-in)
  • Sandboxes and deployers for direct slaves
  • Deployers for a mix of MySQL native and Tungsten replication
  • A PostgreSQL sandbox
We are, of course, open to contributions. If you have a tool that is useful for database replication and want to release it under a BSD license, feel free to propose it in the Google Group discussion on Tungsten Replicator.

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