Friday, May 06, 2011

Open Database Camp 2011 opens today!

Open Database Camp 2011 The Open Database Camp 2011 opens today with the Welcome Party, starting today at 7pm CEST. The party (with good Italian food and drinks) is open to all the ones who have registered in the Attendees list.
By car you have to reach Pula, take Via Nora (Nora Street), than Via Sant'Efisio (Sant'Efisio Street), until the end, directly to the party location.
Organisers will also make a bus available on Friday 6 May, leaving from Pula Hotels (Nora Club Hotel - Villa Madau - Baia Di Nora - Is Molas - Marin Hotel - Is Morus Hotel) around 18:30 and reaching Nora. From Nora back to Pula Hotels a bus will leave around 21:00 and 22:00.
The conference itself will start on Saturday, May 7th, at 9am. Travel arrangements to reach the venue are listed in the conference wiki (wiki: Travel).
There will be a bus collecting participants from the hotels at 8:30am and the same bus from the conference venue (Sardegna Ricerche) back to the hotel in the evening.


Open Database camp is an Un-conference. As with the previous editions, the schedule will be decided on the spot, on Saturday. You can list your intended sessions and your wishes in the Sessions page.


You will need an ID for your wifi access. (Sorry, it's a law requirement)(*). If you want your username and password, you should collect it at the reception as soon as possible.

Customized meetings

There will be room for 1:1 meetings between attendees, if you like to do so. You will find a board with the names of all attendees and their affiliation, and you can easily schedule a meeting with them.

(*) The law has expired but after having put the fear of the state into every internet provider, the lawmakers have not said how the new regulations should be applied. Regretfully, we have still to live with the old rules.

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