Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Joining the Oracle ACE program

Ace charmer A few days ago I received an invitation to join the Oracle ACE program, which is a group of strong community enthusiasts and advocate of Oracle products.
Since I have been a vocal member of the MySQL community for years, I welcome this acknowledgment as well as I appreciated being nominated MySQL Community Contributor of the Year in 2006. Unlike that award, which came from inside the MySQL company, the Oracle ACE nomination came from my peers in the community, to whom I address my thanks and appreciation.
The nomination comes from the community, but the title is granted by the company, as recognition for good work. Therefore, thanks also to my former colleagues at Oracle who have approved my current status.
For the ones who are curious, being an Oracle ACE does not mean becoming an employee, or having obligations towards Oracle. There is not even an obligation to be kind towards the company, meaning that Oracle ACEs can be as outspoken as they feel they should. So, there is no restraint on what I can tell in public, and no expectations of unconditional support for Oracle policies.
What you can expect is for me to be my usual self, the guy who is enthusiast about cool technology, no matter where it comes from, and critical or appreciative depending on merit.
Now, back to hacking!


LenZ said...

Well deserved, Giuseppe! Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Michelle Malcher said...


Ronald Bradford said...

Well deserved my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Giuseppe,

congratulations! I think the title is well-deserved indeed :)

Fabrizio Gianneschi said...

Giuseppe arroddugò!