Sunday, November 21, 2010

How MySQL Workbench breaks itself

Once upon a time, there was a policy in MySQL not to add new features after the beta stage.
To my surprise, MySQL Workbench 5.2.30 introduces a new feature, the query formatter. I gave it a try. The results are not extremely encouraging. Granted, it's a plugin and not a feature in the core application, but nonetheless one would expect something more stable in a GA release, especially since the plugin features are displayed in the main menu, and unless you have read the announcement, you couldn't easily tell the core from the plugins.
This is what I have got in just a few minutes:

Bug #58356: beautify function fails on CREATE TABLE
Bug #58357: beutify function erases statement on CREATE INDEX
Bug #58358: query formatter fails on selected query
Bug #58359: query formatter indentation fails on partially selected query
Bug #58360 query formatter converts non-keywords to uppercase
Bug #58361 Query formatter mangles query when CASE operator is used

MySQL Workbench is a great product. I would like it to be more solid. New features, even as a plugin, should be more carefully released that this one.

Update. 4 days after my submission, the WB team has fixed all 6 of them. Kudos!


Anonymous said...

nice sequential bug numbers there :)

LenZ said...

Doh. Thanks a lot for reporting these, Giuseppe!