Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Joining the PHP BBQ in Hamburg and Kiel

Australian barbecue and countryside

There must be something that gets coders and barbecue together. In Australia, I was invited to a hackers barbecue, while at FrOSCon, the Saturday evening meal is a grill fest.
It seems just right that the PHP coders in Germany are getting together with a BBQ Tour, starting on Monday, June 15, and touching seven German towns in one week.

I will join the happy campers on Saturday, June 20, in Hamburg, and finish off the tour in Kiel the next day.
The event is open. However, for logistic reasons, a registration is required in some of them. Check the schedule for more details.
Being informal events, we may or may not have presentations and demos, but being inter-geek meetings, there will be some fun and mutual learning for sure. I look forward for it. Most of my "aha" technical moments came during serendipitous social gatherings. Beer and food are great science conductors!
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