Saturday, May 09, 2009

MySQL Sandbox 3.0 is released - looking at the future

MySQL Sandbox 3.0

It's done. MySQL Sandbox 3.0 is now available.
New features include:
  • Installation as a Perl module;
  • Copying, moving, deleting, and preserving sandboxes;
  • Port checking before installing;
  • A test suite with 200 tests;
  • User defined modular tests;
  • A rich cookbook

If you get the source code through the Bazaar repository, you will see something new. There is now a directory script_templates, containing the re-engineered scripts that go inside the Sandbox. These scripts are not in version 3.0.0, but they are the first step to the changes that will go into version 3.1. The main new feature is modularity. These scripts are now easier to maintain and modify.
The new start script is also more powerful. You will be able to start a sandboxed server without the mysqld_safe container, sending the output to a user defined place, choosing between running it in background or foreground.
All in due time. The new features for now pass all the existing tests, but I didn't want to include them in the current release before designing some rigorous tests for them.
Looking forward to your comments!


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Congrats, and well done!

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this is awesome. and, it continues to get better!