Saturday, November 08, 2008

Italians strike back

What follows is the text of my "Swedish" blog.
Look mom, I am blogging in Swedish!
I am starting a blog in Swedish. Now, why should I do such a thing? I usually blog in English, and I don't even bother blogging in my native Italian. Most importantly, I do not speak Swedish at all. So, why bother?
My friend and colleague Kaj Arnö had the gall of starting a blog in Italian, a fact that surprised me and made me envious at the same time.

He started talking about Italy, a country he visits often and he loves. I have little experience of Finland, having visited only once, but where I enjoyed warm hospitality.
I Visited Kaj in his homeland, in Nagu, a charming island West of Turku. The weather was not warm, but friendship and good food was a suitable compensation.

I am choosing to blog in in Swedish because Kaj's mother tongue is Swedish, although he lives in Finland. During my visit to Nagu and other island of the Finnish archipelago, I heard little Finnish and plenty of Swedish.

This experiment wants to show that anyone can blog in (mostly) any language, given the right tools. Hello Kaj!


Anonymous said...

So that blog is readable by a swede, although it's not 100% correct, it certainly is understandable and very very good for someone not speaking swedish at all!

Good luck with your future swedish blogging, I - for one - will follow it.

Kaj Arnö said...

Fantastic! Amazing! Encouraging! And completely understandable. So, a grindstone, it is! And if Google can translate the preceding sentence, so that you understand it, yes I am impressed.

This is what Google Translate made of my Swedish comment to your English blog. And "So, a grindstone, it is" is what came out of a colloquial expression with the meaning "That is the way to do it!".