Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My proposals for the Users Conference 2009

Sakila Speaker

In addition to participating to the reviewing committee for the Users Conference 2009, I have also ambitions of being there as a speaker. Thus I am thinking about the topics I could talk about.
Being the theme of the conference "innovation everywhere", I will not propose any of my previous talks (as I hope everyone else will, since I will strike all the carbon copy proposals).

I have some ideas already.
A tutorial on partitions
Since I have done much testing and writing on partitioning, I feel the need of presenting something in public. Performance, administration, use cases, are all aspects of partitioning with which I am well acquainted.

Row-based replication
Another 5.1 feature that I have been testing at length. It is perhaps too narrow to deserve a tutorial, but I have material for a couple of good sessions.

The Community Replication Monitor
This is a project that has started several years ago as pure speculation, and it is now being shaped into something that can be used.

Testing with MySQL Sandbox
I have applied many changes to MySQL Sandbox since my last presentation, and it is now time to show some cookbook cases.

Community hacks
many interesting community contributions are entering my radar. While I don't know which ones would make their way to the official release, I would like to show how life could be if we put all these clever additions together.

using Bazaar and Launchpad to develop a small project
Unlike previous presentations about Launchpad and Bazar and MySQL or Drizzle, this is a small project oriented session, where I show how to use Launchpad to plan, develop, and maintain a moderately complex application, with blueprints, revision code system, bug tracking, and forums.

Your comments will be highly appreciated. Especially if you suggest something not in this list (and falls within my abilities, of course!)

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