Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Proxy webinar - slides, script, FAQ

We did it. Designing Scalable Architectures with MySQL Proxy was delivered successfully, with over 150 attendees.
There is a large number of questions that were asked during the session, and you can find them in MySQL Proxy FAQ.
The slides, with the highly entertaining images used by John Loehrer to illustrate his point are also online
Finally, John posted his Connection pooler Lua script in the Forge.
Thanks to John Loehrer for his lively presentation, to Jimmy Guerrero and Rich Taylor for organizing the event, to Jan Kneschke, for answering questions online while we were talking, and to all the attendees, for showing such degree of interest.
And don't forget that there is still a quick poll on the future of MySQL Proxy that you can still vote on.

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