Sunday, October 28, 2007

OpenFest 2007

The OpenFest 2007 is under way in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event is hosted in an elegant building in Sofia center and it's packed with enthusiastic open source lovers.
The star of the show was Georg Greve president of the EFF Europe. A passionate speaker, he gathered a huge audience just at the start of the event.
Then, during break, the organizers called for an impromptu press conference, where Georg, Jonas Öberg, Erik Josefsson, Domas Mituzas, snd yours truly enjoyed the spotlight for a hour, while asked about recipes to win the ongoing battle between good and evil in the software industry.
I had a session about getting started with MySQL Proxy, which got me a full hall and a great degree of interest. (slides)
After that, Domas had a packed room with standing audience when he presented his talk about Wikipedia.
The evening was closed at a local restaurant where we were treated with free beer, of which everyone took advantage during the ongoing discussion on good and evil.

A very enjoyable experience.

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