Monday, July 09, 2007

Speaking at FrOSCon - Monitoring and logging techniques

If you happen to be in Northern Germany at the end of August, I recommend a visit to Sankt Augustin, a charming city near Bonn.
Apart from the friendly atmosphere and excellent beverages, Sankt Augustin hosts the second edition of FrOSCon, the Free and Open Source Software Conference, organized by a group of very dynamic and efficient enthusiasts.

FrOSCon header

I will present a topic for database administrators, Monitoring and logging a database server.

And of course I will meet a bunch of friends there. Someone I know very well, like Lenz Grimmer, who will speak about Opening the doors of the Cathedral, and Zak Greant, whose session about the age of literate machines sadly I won't attend because it coincides with mine.
And then there are those who I know only by email, and I will gladly meet in person, like Susanne Ebrecht, who will bravely cover the PostgreSQL vs. MySQL, or Venus vs. Mars debate.
The list is long, and the conference lasts only two days, so I will try to make the best of it.
See you there!

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