Wednesday, April 26, 2006

MySQL Community Awards

Second day of the MySQL USers Conference 2006.
At breakfast, Arjen approached me, asking if I could hang nearby the podium during the keynote. "You may end up on stage", he said. I thought that they were going to hand me the iPod that was announced some time ago. So I went there and secured a seat as close as I could, together with Markus, Beat, Roland, and Sheeri.
However, instead of the iPod (I got it after lunch, BTW) I was called on stage to get a Community Award, and the same was granted to Roland, Markus, and Rasmus (!!)
price giving

Looks quite useful. Now when somebody asks difficult questions, I can always consult the crystal ball. :)

Thanks to the MySQL Community for this wonderful surprise, and congratulations to Roland, Markus, and Rasmus!

(Pictures courtesy of Roland. Thanks)

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