Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MySQL Sandbox at the OTN MySQL Developers day in Paris, March 21st

On March 21st I will be in Paris, to attend the OTN MySQL Developers Day. Oracle is organizing these events all over the world, and although the majority are in the US, some of them are touching the good old European continent. Previous events were an all-Oracle show. Recently, the MySQL Community team has been asking for cooperation from the community, and in such capacity I am also presenting at the event, on the topic of testing early releases of MySQL in a sandbox. Of course, this is one of my favorite topics, but it is quite appropriate in this period, when Oracle has released a whole lot of preview features in its MySQL Labs. Which is another favorite topic of mine, since I was the one who insisted for having the Labs when I was working in the community team. It's nice to see that the labs are still in place, and being put to good use.

MySQL Sandbox

Speaking of sandboxes, I was making some quick tests yesterday, and I installed 15 sandboxes at once (all different versions, from 5.0.91 to 5.6.5). Installing a single sandbox, depending on the version, takes from 5 to 19 seconds. Do you know how long it takes to install 15 sandboxes, completely, from tarball to working conditions? It takes 19 seconds. How's so? It's because I have been working at a large project where we are dealing with many replicated clusters spread across three continents. Administering these clusters is a problem in itself, and so we are using tools to do our work in parallel. At the same time, using a host with a fast 16 core CPU I can install many sandboxes at once. It's a real joy to see software behaving efficiently the way it should! It works so fast, in fact, that I found a race condition bug. If you install more than one sandbox at once, the MySQL bootstrap process may try to open the same temporary file from two different servers. That's because I did not indicate a dedicated temporary directory for the bootstrap (I was using one only for the installed sandbox). When this happens, you may find that instead of 15 sandboxes you have installed only 9 or 11. So I fixed the bug, by adding --tmpdir to mysql_install_db, and now you can install more than one sandbox in parallel.

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