Friday, March 23, 2012

April talks at Percona and SkySQL events

The second week of April will be quite a busy one

Tuesday, April 10

April 10th is Tutorial day at the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo.

On that day, I will present a classic: MySQL Replication 101. This is a topic traditionally presented by a MySQL engineer. However, since Oracle seems not to be eager to send anyone to the conference, I volunteered to the task, and I have let everyone know that, if Oracle change its mind and sends some engineers at the conference, I will happily have one of my former colleagues from the replication team as co-speaker.

Wednesday, April 11

The conference will be in full swing when the regular sessions (and the keynotes!) start. From my side, it is noteworthy the talk about Continuent crown jewels, which I have mentioned recently.

Next on the same day, two of my colleagues will take the podium before it's my turn again.

Unfortunately, at the same time, there will be a talk that I will miss, but I would love to see:

After my own talk, I will instead go to see It is not over yet. After the regular schedule, there will be Lightning Talks during the Community Networking Reception.

Thursday, April 12

We will start with two interesting keynotes:

The sessions will start with Another tough choice in the afternoon. I will be on stage while my colleagues will present on yet another cool technology that I have tested extensively in the past months. I will then try to learn something new with

Friday, April 13th

This day brings us the MySQL Solutions day sponsored and organized by SkySQL. I will be on stage with Robert Hodges to talk and demo some of the solutions offered by Continuent.

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