Sunday, May 03, 2009

MySQL Sandbox 3.0 release candidate

MySQL Sandbox is now in release candidate status. If no bugs are reported on the latest version (2.0.99f), I will repackage it as 3.0.
In addition to the list of features previously announced, I managed to implement another feature that has been in the wish list for long time, i.e. creating a sandbox from existing binaries, such as the ones installed by a .rpm or .deb package.

The new script make_sandbox_from_installed meets the expectations by creating a fake BASEDIR with symbolic links.
Other important additions:
  • the test suite has now 200 tests, making it much more comprehensive than before.
  • The above feature was achieved also thanks to the improved test plugins, which allowed me to write tests much faster.
  • There is now another module, which only contains documentation. MySQL::Sandbox::Recipes is a cookbook that tells most of the cool things you can do with MySQL Sandbox. It is not completed, but for the unfinished recipes the stubs are enough to give you a clue.

MySQL Sandbox is a non trivial project.


If you have some recipes to contribute to the MySQL::Sandbox cookbook, please let me know.

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