Saturday, April 11, 2009

MySQL Sandbox 3 - Now feature complete

MySQL Sandbox

MySQL Sandbox 2.0.98i is now feature complete. The most notable additions are a robust test suite, with over 120 tests, and some features that have been in the wish list for long time.
The first one that makes a lot of difference is the ability of installing a sandbox from a build directory.
This feature has requested many times, and I have been reluctant to implement it, because it involved fiddling with the internals of low_level_make_sandbox, which should behave differently depending on the base directory. An installed BASEDIR has a different structure than a source BASEDIR. In the end, I solved the problem by creating a script that builds a tarball and calls the appropriate script to make a sandbox.
The second most important addition is the sbtool, which includes tasks to be performed on existing sandboxes, such as moving, copying, deleting, and preserving a sandbox.
The one feature that I like the most is the ability of checking for an used port, and instead of requesting a manual intervention, it can detect the first available port and use it. No more conflicts!
The documentation has been enhanced and included into MySQL::Sandbox.
$ perldoc MySQL::Sandbox provides the full manual.
Now I await bug reports, and I plan to release the final 3.0 version within one month.

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