Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Piercing the fog

There have been many surveys on MySQL, but usually not as deep as this one launched by Keith Murphy, editor of the MySQL Magazine and Mark Schoonover.
I have seen some turmoil lately, with talks of forking the code base and organizing a community conference. The community seems restless, and this initiative could be an attempt of counting their ranks to see how much they can dare.
I welcome this initiative of seeing through the fog. If a survey was needed, rather than waiting one to fall from the sky (or from the Sun :-) ), the industrious bloggers have started their own. I will be curious to see the results.
Inside MySQL, we have been talking about creating a phone home feature to do a live count of the user base, but as you can see there is no such thing yet. So this survey could provide the data that the missing phone home feature has failed to bring back. The user base measuring itself: that's an interesting thought.
If you can spare 10 minutes, I recommend taking the survey.

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