Saturday, April 05, 2008

MySQL Sandbox 1.18 - server groups and Proxy support

MySQL Sandbox 1.18 was released today. The changes log has mostly bug fixes, but also two major additions:
  • The ability of creating a group of unrelated servers. Previously, there was only the command, to create a set of master+slaves. Now the command will create unrelated servers;
  • The creation of a start_proxy script with replication installations. This script starts MySQL Proxy using as backends all the servers in the group.

If you missed the previous episodes, MySQL Sandbox is a tool used to install an isolated MySQL server, independently from existing instances in the host. It can also install a replicated system of 1 master + N slaves. All the above happens in seconds.

I will be speaking about the Sandbox at the Hamburg meetup and at the MySQL Users Conference and Expo.

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