Friday, April 04, 2008

Meetup in Paris : a MySQL social event

The Paris meetup was a very charming event. As announced, it was held in a pub, where beer was the first priority, and the audience of our (short) speeches were holding glasses and looking relaxed.
The ensuing conversations were definitely friendly and inspiring. We met mostly MySQL community, but also Sun employees and Java developers in search of cross links. Every exchange was lively, some with a touchy angle. The technical questions led to wine choices philosophy, university projects, security policies, and again to the pro and con of living in Paris as an expat. We had a merry time indeed.
Thanks to Michael, Max, Serge, and especially to Veronique, for organizing on such a short notice.

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Alexis MP said...

Glad you seem to like the first Sun experiences! Let's try to hook up next time you're in Paris. I was away from the country unfortunately on Wednesday...
-Alexis MP (GlassFish team)